Feedsy to automate reminders and birthday messages


Today is your birthday!

It’s always a nice feeling when someone remembers your birthday. Well, Feedsy are about to make your business look great by making that really easy to do – automatically, in fact.

All you’ll need is their birthdate and we will take care of the rest. There will be a standard message but you can change that at any time. You can even link a special birthday article from your FeedsyWeb to your auto-birthday template if you want add value (or some extra joy) to your best wishes.


Do your customers have a need for an annual catch up with you? Perhaps to do tax planning, to review the annual financial plan, to have a business health check, to review rent, or to service the car?

Feedsy can automate a reminder message for you including a big CONTACT button to confirm or make a booking.

All you’ll need is the annual date and a message for your memory trigger. And, like the birthday message, you can also include an article from your FeedsyWeb to provide some extra value or perhaps some education as to why you should touch base again.


Personalisation is a powerful strategy of ensuring that people get messages that are relevant to them. Soon, Feedsy will allow you to categorise your subscribers so you can target particular content to the right people and still maintain the convenience of a single database.

Some simple examples are ‘Prospects’ and ‘Customers’, say. But you could also customise different messages to people in different cities, or break customers down by the products or services they come to you for.

Subscriber form

We mentioned recently that we were adding a row of ‘Stay Informed’ buttons to your FeedsyWebs to help new visitors stay connected by downloading an app or subscribing to your email newsletter.

Well, we have now added these to 90% of our Feedsyites’ sites. If you have a FeedsyWeb, look out for the ‘Stay Informed’ row near the bottom of each page.


We will be sending our Feedsyites more info on these features in the weeks to come. If you want to be one of the first to use them or have any burning questions then pop us an email.


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