Feedsy is supporting the 2016 Adviser Innovation Summit – check out the VIDEO!


In June 2016 Feedsy is a proud supporter of the Adviser Innovation Summit in both Sydney on the 3rd of June and Melbourne on the 7th of June.

Adviser Innovation 2016 is an event for financial advisers wanting to build sustainable advice practices of the future. The financial services industry is facing a new era of digital disruption and generational transformation, and innovation is no longer a choice, it is a MUST to ensure your business’s survival in the current digital age.

There is a stellar line-up of expert speakers that will provide advisers with strategies, tips and ideas that will transform businesses. This is a unique and must-attend event for advisers, practice principals and IT staff!

As a sponsor, Feedsy directors Gavin Klose and Steve Holmes will be there in person and they are really looking forward to catching up with some very business savvy advisers.

As you know Feedsy is a market leader in newsletters for the digital age and that’s great news for advisers and their customers.

One of the perks of being a sponsor is that Feedsy can offer our friends a 30% discount off the ticket price, if you would like to head along please let us know and we will provide you with a coupon code for your 2016 Adviser Innovation registration. 

To obtain the code simply contact us now.

Then to register, simply click here, Steve & Gavin would love to see you there.

If you do happen miss it, why not follow Feedsy on LinkedIn and we will update you.

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