Feedsy just celebrated our 1st birthday!


February 26 marked the anniversary of our first app, TCP News, going live in the app store.

Whilst the team at Feedsy certainly started the business and developed our product way back in 2012, we like to think that our business really began when our first client experienced the streamlined coolness of connecting with their clients on their very own app.

So, in our eyes, when the App Gods approved TCP News for our first Feedsyite – Roy Couzens from The Complete Planner – Feedsy was born!


A huge shout out and an enormous thank you to Roy and his team (pictured) for joining the Feedsy clan. Many have followed and, in December last year, Tasmania became the final Australian capital city to deliver Feedsy stories when Zenith Wealth launched Zenith News.

Also another huge thanks to the compliance folk at AMP, Genesys, Guardian Advice, Hillross, PIS, RI Advice, Securitor and AAP for supporting Feedsy and fast-tracking approvals for your respective groups.

Whilst we have achieved a fair bit with iPad now being standard for all FeedsyAppsFeedsyMail soft-launching this month and FeedsyPages getting it’s final finishing touches (also check out 1 year of Feedsy by the numbers) – we feel this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more announcements shortly.

OK, enough about us. As always, we welcome you to enjoy this instalment of gourmet news.

Good wealth to you and your family.

Gavin and Steve
(Co-Founders of Feedsy).


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