New Feedsy style options and FeedsyMail templates

19 December

This is the biggest upgrade since we launched our Feedsy Testimonial Walls back in the early COVID days. With this announcement, Feedsy now delivers new ways to make you look good in front of your clients as we've been beavering hard on...[Read More]

[RECORDING] Feedsy MasterClass: Advanced Client Engagement to grow your business

30 March

This webinar is for current clients of Feedsy and for those Financial Advisers who want an opportunity to look under the hood to see what Feedsy has to offer.     CLICK HERE to play or download the...[Read More]

With Feedsy gaining Google Reviews has never been easier

23 April

Google Reviews. You (or your customers) have most likely used them before - consciously or not: Noticing a 4.5 star rating has created assurance about making the right purchasing decision. A business has been recommended (over others)...[Read More]

How COVID affected Feedsy’s email engagement in 2020

26 March

By Gavin Klose Feedsy (Co-founder) It is fair to say that 2020 was not like any ordinary year and whilst many in Australia have almost returned to life as normal, our lives will be probably changed for ever. But did COVID change the way we...[Read More]

The most important email marketing optimisations

25 March

Steve Holmes (Feedsy)   As marketers, we are always looking for best practice, but importantly we often seek solutions for what works best for our clients and our business. Nobody knows your clients like you,  so please keep this...[Read More]

Next steps for beating the industry email benchmarks

24 March

The Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks 2021 (Campaign Monitor)   We get it. Looking at all this data in the above graphic can be intimidating. Having the information is helpful, but only if you know what to do with it. So here are the...[Read More]

Thanks for the feedback from our recent NPS survey [Nov, 2020]

22 November

Gavin Klose Co-founder, Feedsy We recently auto-sent out our quarterly Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to get a feel for how we are travelling. It is really helpful to get your thoughts on what we are doing well and what we could be doing to...[Read More]

What we learnt from our recent NPS survey [May, 2020]

22 May

A big shout out to everyone who provided feedback from our most recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to help us get a feel for how are travelling. It is really helpful to get your thoughts on what we are doing well and what we could be doing to...[Read More]

Thanks for the feedback. Can you guess Feedsy’s NPS?

14 February

We recently sent out our simple quarterly Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to get a feel for how are going. A huge thank you for everyone who took the time to click their score and provide us some feedback. It is really helpful to get your...[Read More]

[Report] Feedsy email engagement exceeds industry benchmarks

28 August

About this time each year, leading email marketing platform, Campaign Monitor releases its Email Marketing Benchmarks (Australia edition). It's a great time to see how our customers' email newsletter performances compare over the same...[Read More]

Review of 5 free stock image sites for your next Feedsy story

23 July

By Gavin Klose (Co-founder, Feedsy) This time last year we reviewed 7 free stock images sites for those looking for Australia-friendly images to use in their Feedsy stories or social media posts. But how good are these sites and is it a case...[Read More]

Goodbye Google Plus, Hello Instagram

30 April

On April 2, 2019, we finally waved goodbye to Google+, as parent company Google shut down the platform for good. Officially, the death knell sounded for Google+ in March of 2018, when a data breach affected more than 500,000 accounts. However,...[Read More]

Inspirational quotes are coming to feedsy

27 March

Everybody needs a bit of inspiration every now and then. A motivational reminder of the bigger picture, goals and dreams. Something to encourage not giving up and to keep moving forward. Or an uplifting thought about being in the moment - to stop...[Read More]

5 ways to get story ideas and generate your own content

27 March

By Gavin Klose Co-founder of Feedsy   With email newsletters or social media, sharing posts and articles from other experts in your field can certainly help you get some clicks and attention. Unless you’re doing it through...[Read More]

Market research report: Biggest marketing challenges in 2018

25 August

Survey Report by Feedsy   Foreword “How do I grow and retain my clientele?” - a question that financial advisers and accountants ask themselves on a regular basis. We recently conducted a market research survey asking our...[Read More]