How you can help your child with buying their first home

12 October

In today’s economic climate, it’s increasingly common to help your child with their first home. In this article, we’re going to look at three options to help you do this. Why not take a look at the pros and cons of each and choose the one...[Read More]

Stress, Time, and Money: The Impact of Commercial Legal Disputes

5 October

In the complex world of business, commercial disputes are a common occurrence that can be both challenging and draining. Whether it involves a disagreement between two businesses or an issue with a supplier or client, commercial disputes are never...[Read More]

Farm Succession Planning: Balancing Financial and Emotional Aspects for Generational Transition

28 September

The Challenge Facing Farm Owners  The complexity of farm succession planning extends beyond mere financial transactions. For farm owners, navigating the transition of a generational asset such as a farm is both an economic and emotional endeavour....[Read More]

Police recoup $45m as cyber criminals target businesses

27 September

Cyber criminals in Africa and Eastern Europe are among those targeting Australian businesses as police manage to recoup $45 million from online thieves. The money, which the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has returned to businesses in the past...[Read More]

The responsibilities and challenges of an estate executor

21 September

Being named the executor of an estate is both an honour and a burden. Entrusted with this pivotal role, one carries out the last wishes of a loved one, but the path is often strewn with complexities and unforeseen challenges.   Navigating the...[Read More]

What Are the Types of Intellectual Property?

14 September

Intellectual property (IP) represents creations of the mind and encompasses various legal protections. Here’s an insight into the primary types of IP:   Copyright Copyright law shields the original expression of ideas, including literature,...[Read More]

Sports concussion report looks to tackle issue head on

6 September

A landmark inquiry into the impact and extent of concussions in sport has recommended improved data collection, greater research and better management of the medical condition. The federal parliamentary inquiry investigated concussions and repeated...[Read More]

Elder abuse – rise in reported cases

6 September

A jump in reports of elder abuse has prompted authorities to ask more victims to come forward. Victoria Police received more than 5700 reports in the year to March, an increase of more than 40 per cent over the past five years. Any act that causes...[Read More]

The importance of personalised advice in navigating ambiguous information

31 August

In an era saturated with information, the need for personalised advice tailored to an individual’s unique financial situation is paramount. Whether it’s in the business world, investment markets, or personal finance, we are bombarded with advice...[Read More]

Government concedes climate change may impact bonds

30 August

The Australian government has conceded climate change is a systemic risk which may affect the value of its bonds in a statement to end a lawsuit over claims investors have been misled. Katta O’Donnell began a class action against the Commonwealth...[Read More]

When should one start thinking about Estate Planning?

24 August

Estate planning is an essential yet often overlooked aspect of financial planning. For many Australians, it is seen as something to be dealt with later in life, if at all. However, estate planning should begin as early as possible to ensure a smooth...[Read More]

Justice Stephen Gageler to become next High Court chief

23 August

Stephen Gageler has been named the next chief justice of the highest court in the land, replacing Susan Kiefel who retires in November. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said the incoming 14th High Court chief justice...[Read More]

Building the right business structure for success

10 August

Establishing a successful business relies heavily on laying a solid foundation through a well-structured framework. Making hasty decisions or improvising along the way in the business world can be inefficient, fraught with risk, and potentially lead...[Read More]

Separation vs Divorce in Australia

17 August

No matter how sincere and pure people’s intentions are when they utter their marriage vows and say ‘I do’, there comes a time in some marriages when the relationship irretrievably breaks down. In such cases, separation is usually inevitable...[Read More]

Calls for clarity after workplace law change confusion

2 August

Businesses are asking to be kept in mind as the federal government mulls a shake-up of employment laws. The “same job, same pay” legislation will plug a gap that allows businesses to negotiate an agreement with workers, then pay labour hire a...[Read More]