Blood donations needed this Easter

(Australian Associated Press)


Thousands of Australians are needed to roll up their sleeves and donate some blood during the Easter long weekend to help cancer and trauma patients in hospital.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service estimates about 2000 people are needed to make donations so doctors can save lives.

Blood Service spokeswoman Erin Lagoudakis says the donations will provide vital supplies of platelets, the clotting agents in blood that are used to treat cancer patients and stop bleeding in people who’ve been in road accidents.

“Unfortunately platelets have a shelf-life of just five days which means we can’t stockpile them ahead of a long weekend and need continuous donations during this time to meet demand,” she said on Tuesday.

“To ensure these patients have a fighting chance this Easter, we are asking those who can to give up an hour of their time this long weekend to donate blood.”

Appointments can be made by calling 13 14 95 or at

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