Advisors: don’t just say you care — show it!

By Steve Holmes
Co-founder, Feedsy

There is no doubt financial advisors care for their clients — but do clients feel it? With recent disruptions from COVID-19, the ensuing spike in workload, the extra and ongoing burden of compliance, not to mention the Royal Commission, it can sure feel hard to show you care.

The thing is, you do want to show you care, because:

  • You do.
  • You want to counteract negative perceptions the Royal Commission has thrown on the industry.
  • You’ll add value to your advice and fee for service.
  • You’ll earn trust with new clients as well as dormant ones.
  • You want your clients telling people you care about them.

You know why they say that actions speak louder than words? Very simply, words are cheap, so put your money where your mouth is!

How Can You Show You Care?

Here are some of the ways.

Give Them Your Time

Time is a currency everyone values. Get to know your clients so you can relate your advice to their operations, goals, and lives. Make sure you are accessible — give them ways to get a hold of you. Don’t worry about how much of your already stretched time this will take; it can be very simple. Use time-saving technology, such as online or web meetings and automated booking systems, to create efficiencies. Automated newsletters and surveys like Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and annual review notifications are great ways to remind clients that you’re there for them, as well as freeing up more time to spend with them.

Educate and Empower Them

Share your knowledge with your clients on a regular basis. Make sure that your advice is relevant to their particular circumstances. Help them make better decisions — and how to identify topics and issues that are important to them. Teaching your clients to navigate the terrain will build their confidence — something they won’t soon forget. To them, you’ll be someone who doesn’t just see dollar signs but genuinely wants to help them find success.


Provide Reassurance

These are uncertain times, and people are understandably concerned — not only about their finances but also about whether they are in the right hands. Make your clients know you are dedicated to protecting their financial interests. Sharing testimonials and case studies can show them how others value what you have done to help them. Sometimes, simply reminding your clients of your presence — even if it’s just in their inbox — will provide some reassurance that you are just a phone call or email away.


Put the Care Back Into “Customer Care”

A good rule to live by is to keep “care” at the centre of everything you do — not just the act of caring though but also what other actions you can take to demonstrate this care to your clients. Take advantage of efficiency and automation tools such as ZoomCalendly, and Feedsy. They are so easy to set up — let me invite you to an online chat so I can show you all three in action and how you can use them to show your clients you care.


Make a time for a chat today!


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