Are you in Adelaide? Feedsy Directors present at Start Lean, Go Global in Feb.

Start Lean, Go Global describe themselves as “a forum for young or not so young companies to learn and share knowledge and experience about growing successful enterprises.”

On 20th February, 2017, Feedsy Co-Founder Gavin Klose and Director of Content Kirsty Parkin have been asked to present and share their individual and collective knowledge on how small businesses can grow.

“Both Gav and I have run, grown and sold start-ups in the past,”says Parkin. “There are key success factors which are common across all small businesses, whether you’re starting a newsagency or you’re in tech. There are common traps and pitfalls. We’ll talk about the growth of Feedsy, but we’ll also talk about how insights we learned from our previous businesses have helped us approach Feedsy differently.”

“Kirsty and I have very different strengths which we bring to Feedsy,” explains Gav. “My background in leading brand, design and development teams means I can bring technical knowledge, managements skills and a passion for innovation.  We’re very fortunate in that we have an extremely solid team – Kirsty’s experience growing small business units is a great addition, and my Co-Founder Steve Holmes’ deep knowledge of our key markets has been and continues to be essential.”

The Start Lean, Go Global small group environment means you’ll have a chance to talk and ask questions.

We’re looking forward to sharing our experience with you, and we hope to see you there – details via the link below:






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