ABOUT US… but isn’t it really about them?

All too often, the “About us” page of a website is filled with a block of text about the company’s history, experience, and qualifications.

Big mistake.

Because aside from representing your brand, the “About us” page is often the most read part of your website and can also help drive customers to purchase. Customers who view your “About us” page spend more time and continue to read more of your website than those who don’t. The About Us” needs to resonate with your ideal target audience.

Tip #1
start to make your “About us” more about them, sure you can talk about your business but in the “About us” section clearly articulate how this benefits the client in a meaningful way. It’s all the reasons you can solve their pain points, make them feel safer and provide them with hope should they engage your services. Essentially, the “About Us” is your promise and belief that you can improve someone’s life, or business because you have played a part.

The page shouldn’t be a literal history of your company, your qualifications or its board, in-fact if you are a financial services professional your clients already expect that you have all the qualifications, telling them again can often make them question the fact. Sure there is a spot on your website for some of these credentials, just not here. You can even craft the words that all of your professional development is to fulfil your client’s ever-changing needs.

OK, some more tips:

Tip #2 become a story teller, evoke emotion and get people to relate to you

Tip #3 Use video where ever you can and keep it short, 30 seconds to 1 minute is enough

Tip #4 Use personal and local photos of your own staff, office and community so clients can better relate to you

Tip#5 Use testimonials, your prospects love hearing from people you have already helped and they can relate those situations to their own circumstances.

Tip#6 Calls to action and several ways to contact you


At Feedsy we help businesses create beautiful and highly customised websites, and we can write all of the content for you.


Here are some examples:


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