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The chances are, if you are reading this is because you saw it in your inbox as part of a Feedsy sampler.

This article began on this news web page (FeedsyWeb) and was collected with some other stories then sent by email (FeedsyMail). This same bit of content could also get auto-published to Android and Apple apps every week (FeedsyApps) and even shared on social media.

The beauty of the Feedsy is that you only need to create stuff once – and our engine auto-sends in a variety of ways for you.

And if you don’t have the resources to create your own stuff – we can do that for you too. Simple, huh?! If this sounds like you please explore this site to get a feel for the kind of articles we provide every week.

Now, what you have seen here has been branded Feedsy but for a tiny set-up fee this all could be branded as your own.

We’d love to help you feed your client relationships – and getting started is easy.

If you want a Feedsy demo then contact us by that green button down below.


(Co-founder, Feedsy)


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