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Welcome to this weeks news, I trust you all enjoyed your Australia Day!

There is an article and a video we have included this week that makes you proud to be Australian, check out Tourism Australia’s new ad featuring Chris Hemsworth’s voice over, CLICK HERE to see itit’s one of the greatest ads I have seen.

The ad is a brilliant example of telling a story through video and it’s digital format allowing it to go viral.

We are heading to AdviserEdge 2016!

Gavin and I are also heading to Brisbane next month for the Social Adviser’s 2016 AdviserEdge conference 11th – 13th of February, MORE INFO HERE

Feedsy is a proud sponsor and featured in the Innovative Technologies session.

The Social Adviser team are a great source of innovative ideas for advice professionals and an awesome advocate of our industry.

Hope to catch up soon, maybe at AdviserEdge?



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