A free Christmas message gift to you

We have some great news for all you Feedsters out there.

Xmas Season is around the corner and, for most, the December FeedsyMail is coming up fast – so it is time to create your special Xmas message (as your first story).

You can use Feedsy to spread some Xmas Cheer, Gratitude and New Year Best Wishes (and maybe some office closure info) to delight, engage and inform.

Some ideas for an image could be:

Last year we helped Feedsters with Campaigner or Advocator plans by building and sending special Christmas messages for them.

Well, we are doing this again and introducing 7 new designs to the mix (see below).

But were are taking a step further this year.

We are also offering Communicators the free use of these designs as the Featured Image their own Xmas message story.

If you’re a Communicator, you can download and use the images below for your own Xmas Story:

  • Right click (or Control+Click on a Mac) on your preferred image
  • Choose: Save Image (this will download it)
  • When creating your story > Featured image: Select the downloaded image.

If you’re a Campaigner or Advocator, we can send a special Xmas message for you on your behalf:

  • Click the button below
  • Select one of our email subject and message options (or write your own)
  • Choose your favourite image (one of 8 new ones plus 3 from last year)
  • Include your holiday close and open dates if you wish
  • Tell us your preferred send date.

Then we’ll use the PlainText template to build your email and provide you a preview before sending to your subscribers – for you.


We can send a Xmas email for Campaigner and Advocator Feedsters
Hurry, this offer ends December 14


New Xmas images for 2020

These images are free for download and use by all Feedsters

And from last year…



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