A conference call in real life – Plus a few tips to help


We thought this video may make you laugh a little, especially those who participate in conference calls all the time.

We use Zoom, you may have heard of them? You can start for FREE and based on your needs upgrade from there.


We also integrate our Zoom with Calendly also starts for FREE, so that when client meetings are made through Calendly the Zoom link is added automatically to your Outlook or Mac Mail calendar. It’s pretty cool and I would be happy to show you.


In-fact if you felt like booking a quick meeting with me , you will see how it works and I would be happy to share a few tips on getting set-up.


Neither Feedsy or myself have any affiliation with these businesses, we just like what they offer.



Hope to speak with you again soon:)



Steve Holmes
Co-founder and Director Feedsy


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