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9 of my favourite podcasts (that you might like too)

For those who maybe don’t really know what podcasts are, the Oxford online dictionary defines them as “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

Now, I must admit, I was a late adopter to podcasts.

I never thought I’d find the time nor the need to listen to them. Probably because the only ones I really knew about were those published and promoted by shows I enjoyed on the car radio (and I had just spent time listening to, anyway).

Then someone recommended the ABC’s Conversations podcast which was a radio program in a time-slot that I never got a chance to listen to during the day.

Before long, these illuminating and often inspiring audio episodes replaced the radio on long family road trips – and then on the shorter ones too.

Another favourite soon emerged for car trips. But this one was listened to out of earshot of the kids (for obvious reasons) via a shared set of earpods – the absolutely hilarious, My Dad wrote a porno.

Then, by simply typing in things I wanted to learn more about into the search field of my iPhone podcast app, I discovered hours of professional development for my bus rides, jogs and solo drives.

Soon podcast channels became my on-demand audio entertainment and education – joining my other favourite on-demand channels Netflix, Spotify and Youtube.

I also found I wasn’t alone as many of my friends started sharing their favourite podcasts with each other.


Anyhoo, here are nine of my most played* podcasts you’d might like to check out on the mobile or desktop podcast app of your choosing.

So, in no particular order…


1. Should this exist

USA: Innovation, Ethics (Ave episode time: 45 mins)

Great insights and different perspectives on ethical dilemmas.

Caterina Fake (founder of Flickr) asks the question: How is technology impacting our humanity? She invites creators of radical new technologies to set aside their business plan, and think through the human side: What is the technology’s fullest potential? And what could possibly go wrong?

Recommend episode: We can change the DNA of an entire species – in the wild

2. How I built this

USA: Innovation, Business (Ave episode time: 50 mins)

Inspiring interviews.

Go deep into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.

Recommended episode: Dyson: James Dyson

3. The Small business Big marketing show

AUSTRALIA: Marketing, Business (Ave episode time: 55 mins)

Great marketing tips.

Presented by the always upbeat Tim Reid, each weekly episode is chock full of marketing  G O L D  for the motivated business owner. Episodes feature practical marketing tips & tricks, interviews with successful business owners and listener questions answered.

Also check out Tim’s book: The boomerang effect: Why being helpful in your marketing returns more customers and makes you more money

Recommended episode: Seth Godin on how to develop a solid marketing mindset to create a remarkable business


4. ABC Conversations

AUSTRALIA: Biographic, Stories (Ave episode time: 50 mins)

Always fascinating. You can see (well, hear) why this is Australia’s top ranked podcast!

Presented by Richard Fidler (Doug Anthony All Stars), Sarah Kanowski, Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may, or may not, have heard about — someone who has seen and done amazing things.

Recommended episode: Dylan Moran and the white-knuckle ride of stand up comedy

5. No such thing as a fish

UK: Entertainment, Trivia (Ave episode time: 55 mins)

This is my current ‘go to’ podcast when I hop in the car. Great for the kids too. Hilariously interesting.

Each week Dan, James, Anna and Andy discuss their favourite facts unearthed in the past seven days.

Recommended episode: Episode 295. No such thing as a 200m baguette

6. People fixing the world

UK: Innovation, Ethics (Ave episode time: 25 mins)

Inspirational. If you want some good news for a change – subscribe to this.

Brilliant solutions to the world’s problems. Meet people with ideas to make the world a better place and investigate whether they work.

Recommended episode: The town rethinking the future of energy

7. IDEO Creative Confidence

USA: Innovation, Business (Ave episode time: 40 mins)

Maybe not for everyone but if you have an interest in design-thinking and creativity to solve business problems then this is worth a listen.

Produced by international design consulting and educators IDEO, the Creative Confidence Series hosts candid conversations with some of today’s most inspiring change makers and design thinkers who believe in leading through creativity. Gain insights into their success through personal stories, tips and tricks, and learn how to bring a human-centered approach to your own work.

Recommended episode: What’s your superpower—and its shadow side?

8. The Why factor

UK: Science, History, Psychology (Ave episode time: 24 mins)

These short episodes will provide you something to share at your next dinner party.

The extraordinary and hidden histories behind everyday objects and actions.

Recommended: Why do we text instead of talk?

9. TED Talks Daily

WORLD: Innovation, Ethics, Health, Business, Everything! (Ave episode time: 20 mins)

If you can’t get enough of TED Talks through Feedsy then this is the podcast for you!

Hear thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between — given by the world’s leading thinkers and doers. There are other TED Talk podcast series worth exploring, eg WorkLife with Adam Grant.

Recommended episode: Why “biofabrication” is the next industrial revolution


So which Podcasts do you like?
Please visit our Facebook Page and share your favourites.

By Gavin Klose
(Co-founder, Feedsy)


* This list does not include my niche Professional Development topics of UX, CX, BA, Agile and Entrepreneurship. 



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