5 reasons why content marketing is like raising a toddler

Gavin Klose

But, hopefully, without the projectile vomiting! Like a toddler, your small business content marketing activities should always get the attention of your audience. However, unlike that youngster, just being in the room doesn’t guarantee that people will notice you. And you’d like their reaction to be positive, so don’t scream and shout.

Let’s look at the comparison in more depth. Steve Holmes, co-founder of Feedsy and father of two, says, “Patience, consistency, stamina, love, and making sure your child has a sense of achievement,” are the 5 key skills needed to raise your tot through the terrible twos. We think these apply just as much to your content marketing and social media activities…

Developing Patience

We know some companies promise to have your business charge up SEO rankings like a rat up a drainpipe. But search engine providers such as Google watch out for – and punish – any tactics which are not genuine. Slow and steady wins the race, by building up and expanding your customer base using powerful content that interests and enthuses them. Otherwise, like that over-active child, a moment’s interest is all you ever have, before something else attracts their attention. Know what interests your clients, and find a way to provide it. Then you’ll build a strong marketing base.

Ensuring Consistency

Back in the day, advertisers would often change everything about their print advertising simply because they got bored with it. They forgot that their audience spent much less time with each ad. People like to recognise the familiar and be able to respond to it. Sure, your content marketing can tell different stories, and offer a range of advice and information. But this should always be in a way that keeps your small business recognisable for your customers. Kids need guidelines, to understand limits, and have these applied on an unchanging basis. To be effective your content marketing should be high quality and posted regularly.

Building Stamina

Kirsty Parkin, Director of Content at Feedsy, reckons that, “If you go to the cinema and some of the audience are asleep, they’ll probably be the parents of toddlers! We all know it takes a lot of time, effort and skills to build up an ongoing content marketing and social media presence that delivers constant customer response. Those snoring parents in the cinema had found a babysitter! Feedsy are happy to take up that role with your content marketing. So you can spend time on all the other tasks across your busy working day.”

Expressing Love

We know that even exasperated and dog-tired parents love their offspring, despite all the trials and tribulations they deliver. And that this love is returned unconditionally and constantly. To be successful in business you need to love what you do, and your online presence should reflect that love and pride. Powerful content marketing which expresses the core values of your business helps build and maintain a responsive fondness from the people you deal with, both customers and suppliers.

Delivering Goals

As a parent, you feel good when your child does something you’re proud of. Suddenly all those toddler moments, all that consistent love and discipline seem worthwhile. Parents understand the goals in raising their kids, and as in business that moment when it all comes together can be like the sun coming out from behind a cloud. All your social and content channels should be working together toward the same goals – building a strong client base for your business.

Final words

If you have a youngster, then a peaceful home is very suspicious! Content marketing needs to be a regular activity, because if it isn’t, then potential customers, like parents, can start to wonder about the silence. Or, even worse, they can simply go elsewhere.

At Feedsy, our team work to deliver powerful and fully integrated communications packages, allowing your business to be where it always needs to be. And that’s right in front of its customers on a very regular basis. No tantrums. Promise.

Visit us at feedsy.info to find out more.


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